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Výrok Tomáša Baťu z roku 1932

1. října 2011 v 10:00 |  Na zamyslenie
Prelom hospodárskej krízy? Neverím v žiadne prelomy samy od seba. To, čomu sme zvykli hovoriť hospodárska kríza, je len iné meno pre mravnú biedu.

Mravná bieda je príčina, hospodársky úpadok je následok. V našej krajine je mnoho ľudí, ktorí sa domnievajú, že hospodársky úpadok je možné zastaviť peniazmi. Hrozím sa dôsledkov tohto omylu. V postavení, v ktorom sme, nepotrebujeme žiadne geniálne obraty a kombinácie. Potrebujeme mravné stanoviská k ľuďom, k práci a k verejnému majetku.

Nepodporovať bankrotárov, nevytvárať dlhy, nevyhadzovať hodnoty za nič, nevydierať pracujúcich, robiť to, čo nás pozdvihlo z povojnovej biedy; pracovať a šetriť a uskutočniť prácu a šetrenie výnosnejšími, žiaducejšími a čestnejšími než leňošenie a mrhanie.

Máte pravdu. Je potrebné prekonať krízu dôvery. Technickými, finančnými a úverovými zásahmi ju však prekonať nie je možné. Dôvera je vec osobná. Dôveru možno obnoviť len mravným hľadiskom a osobným príkladom.

T. Baťa

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Kam Chi Lin Sufang and Wu built the same appear together in a dinner scene. Obviously, she caused the emergence of a banquet hall a moment of regret and dismay. This is too much the focus of attention not maintain long, sharp-eyed audience quickly noticed her small defects, and she winds Danyun definition looks at a glance with a little contempt merely mediocre. Strongly own mobile looks smooth, even in big thick crowd under different from normal people, but always end because of that heart diligently jump up the impractical and become emboldened enough. Such occasions, she really should not have come. Kam Chi again affirmed this insight. She gracefully punch each banquet guests smile, right hand supporting the four with the goblet in the field of feast of Lin Sufang and of Wu built with the pace,        do not do too much to stay, and finally found a relatively secluded corner in round-backed armchair Theravada. Fortunately, her extraordinary previous calm quickly returned to her after a very short focus.<br/> "My English is still the same." Was silent for a long time, Kam Chi replied. "Really?"Kam Chi nodded, I do not feel ashamed, poor cultural classes for art students, always seem to find a little rational reason to explain. Kam Chi just that, she really does not like, not like we do not do, is so simple to stop. Woo Feng and Jin pool from the first floor lobby elevator down, The elevator door diametrically disconnect the negative layer, bite soon after. Fortunately banquet also no end, there is no other person in the elevator, Kam Chi escorted elevator at and people waist-high stainless steel columns standing in a white energy-saving lamp, reflected on her handsome little face slightly tired. She has always been the poor to take the elevator, too strong weightlessness overweight always easy for her to produce a very strong sense of vertigo. "Uncomfortable it?" <br/> However, this afternoon, she did not cook the reason, not just because the married life thirty-six trick "content to attract her, but her skin is vulnerable to allergies. Therefore, usually, if not into the kitchen to pound even pots and pans floating basin, she is resolved to not go.Later, he decided to go out to eat. Rolls-Royce in G City Jing Hui Street stop, Kam Chi the falling windows out looked, the car was not fast, the night lights Hongliu the Green figure still flies, she was too late to simply enjoy this Rongcheng graceful posture. To? "Kam Chi asked. Her eyesight is not very good, myopia and seven Baidu look around, to see things blurred, 'Wu Jia Lou' words if it is written in huge, it would be difficult to find. "You go out not wearing glasses it?" Wu Duanyang unfasten their seat belts, casually asked. <br/>

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It seems very low temperature ah. She subconsciously touch their own naked outside shoulders in an attempt to warm Qin skin chill with the warmth of the fingers. Oh really quiet. Kam Chi look up at the corner of the stairs between the three fourth floor, the rich and powerful in the second floor, Wu, Wu family's dinner 'white clouds' hotel the whole package down. This is the third floor because precisely Banquet concentrated, densely tow is exceptionally silent. After the Fairview and Wu Duanyang leave, her almost in a panic struggling up from the dance floor, this dinner immediately evading Wu mother to a military parent, they only said sorry they quietly left. Her departure did not cause the Fairview, and Wu Duanyang as unrest in the community. Estimated Wu the Father and Wu mother will now busy, Wu Jiantong too proud for bound will find a bunch of argument to restore the face of a businessman.<br/> You know that to say it, he will gas explosion to lift tables, they might even want to never ending mortgage watts! But Lu Youfeng words, but words are still ringing in our ears. His voice low alcohol, gentle, speak always so agreeable, clear, every word, such as gems. He said: "Kam Chi, if you wish, without the pain of pregnancy in October, something for nothing like Jia Jia a ready-'s daughter, if you are willing to accept a divorced but some marital experiences of men, like going to the old bookstore to Amoy a satisfying but yellowed old books, picked up a pair of being tried on but looks fairly new tramp, zuò your husband. then, we ask you to marry me, I promise, I double tramp durable, soft and comfortable, not Ge feet odor-free, hé feet warm, long associated with the life. " Kam Chi was almost stricken, she did not know that his confession came so suddenly, or he is finally beginning to end to witness her marriage unhappy and helpless, in the end first emptive. A year ago, he Quanguo her divorce. She thought he was just good intentions wanted out of the marriage to that part does not make sense. A year later, he asked her to marry him. She came round to realize that he premeditated. She and he knew a long time now! Fifteen from her until she was twenty-five years old, from twenty-five to thirty-five. "Mu Jin pool! Forbid you want another man!"<br/> So much dowry so many valuables, Miss seems unhappy mood seems to be very bad.  "Miss you unhappy? And Miss Mo Fei you do not love the emperor this man?" Asked Yunxi tempted. In fact, the day to see the emperor, the Yunxi heart instinctive bias emperor. Invisible man to make her feel very oppressed, as he appeared, the entire yard Guanghua thousands. Her heart instinctively think Miss together the world such tyrants never noble man standing beside her. Over her, loved her.  Love? The word in her reach. While ancient the Linger want to answer Yunxi, suddenly looking sank, the surrounding air condensing cold channel: "you even in this conversation overheard two women, dry and other perishable        things."  With the fall ancient Linger cold voice, suddenly moonlight a dark, a white shadow, waving to."... Ancient eldest good Erli not such rumors like incompetence, seems is Let the emperor Huiyanshizhu ah." Come a white robe, a look of Merry uninhibited smile, that laugh together with moonlight particularly charming, with his appearance, aroma oncoming.<br/>

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